MT evaluation workshop

Ocena jakości MT


  • Are you planning to use MT and do not know which one to choose?
  • Your customers are asking for MT post-editing but the rate is questionable?
  • You are post-editing MT and you feel that it only spoils your work?

A 90-minute webinar on how to pre-assess machine translations provided through the CAT tool plug-in, and how to select the best MT on this basis.


  1. Examples of working with machine-pretranslated text.
  2. Typical advantages and disadvantages of the current technology, namely Neural MT.
  3. CAT reports allowing to assess the workload necessary to transform proposals from machine into a professional text.
  4. What to consider when choosing the best MT for a given use case (and when it is better not to use it at all).

Each participant shall receive

Examples used in the workshop as material for self-study.

Workshop presentation summary with key points and useful links.


A computer with Internet access, speakers or headphones, optionally also a microphone (without a microphone you can still communicate via chat).