How can I help you?

For translators

…I offer practical training in MT and PE – the usage of machine translations as a material to post-edit or as an additional corpus. I show how to work with MT in CAT tools (Trados and memoQ). I present methods of calculating the time- and cost-effectiveness of MT in various types of translations. The workshops are available for beginners and for advanced translators.

For LSPs

…I offer practical, customized training in the usage of machine translation: focused on the LSP’s preferred CAT tool(s), translation subject areas and language pairs, as well as their previous experience with MT. An additional option for LSPs and translation agencies is the MT audit, which helps assess the currently used MT engine or select the best from available options.
Marta Bartnicka

I have been working with machine translations since 2011, starting with experiments with statistical MT (previous generation) with a limited scope of application, but with considerable comic potential… Working for IBM Translation Centre, I coordinated the implementation of machine translations for a dozen Central European languages (including Polish), choosing the best engine for each language pair and assessing the feasibility of MT for various use cases. Together with the translators I lived through the year 2017, i.e. the entry of neural MT (new generation) with all its advantages and traps.

Since 2018, I have the honour of conducting workshops for translators on the practical application of MT and the secrets of post-editing – either in cooperation with, or as requested by Clients. Conducting such classes allows me to keep up to date with market challenges and actual post-editing tasks. I monitor the solutions offered by various MT suppliers, CAT producers and large translation institutions, as well as scientific and research works, which sooner or later reaches the market. My interest in MT goes beyond the needs of my work, I read and work with MT beyond the line of duty.

I also deal professionally with the localisation and technical side of documentation. I work on both since 2019 at Dolby Laboratories in Wrocław.

The name of the company – Niepojęte (Inconceivable) – is a tribute to the brothers Bartosz and Tomasz Minkiewicz, creators of the superhero Wilq and cartoonists known, among others, from “Tygodnik Powszechny” magazine. The company’s logo is by Bartosz Minkiewicz.